Halibut Fishing Charters

Port Hardy has the finest Halibut Fishing Charter on Vancouver Island

Likely one of the most consistent fisheries on the west coast, Halibut opportunities exist year round on Northern Vancouver Island. With vast areas and a variety of terrain to fish, Port Hardy is by far the best place to try for Pacific Halibut. The area boasts shoals, banks, trenches, rock piles and reefs, all of which hold halibut. Almost 50% of commercially caught halibut in Canada is landed in Port Hardy!

halibut1 Although we like to keep the smaller ones to eat, each year a few of our clients catch and release halibut over 200lbs. Our experienced guides have spent countless hours chasing halibut, some as commercial fisherman and know how to release these large females unharmed. Needless to say, we pride ourselves on our ability to put halibut in the boat. With many tricks up our sleeves, the guides at Tides and Tales fish for Halibut between 30 and 500 ft in every type of habitat. Techniques vary from jigging to trolling, and sometimes even anchoring for this exciting game fish. With our experienced team of guides working together, we are able to stay on top of the fish ensuring our clients get an excellent opportunity to catch halibut. When bottom fishing for halibut, our guests often catch lingcod, snapper and rockfish in the same locations; Anglers can also have the opportunity to try for both bottom fish and salmon in the same day.

Whether you are a new angler or salty dawg, call the “Halibut Whisperers” at Tides and Tales (1-877-694-3474) to book your next Halibut fishing trip.

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