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Coho Fly Fishing in BC on Vancouver Island

Mike Kelly grew up fly fishing along the banks of the Bow river in Calgary, and switched his focus from trout to salmon when he moved to the coast in the late 1990’s. We fly fish for Coho beginning mid august, casting and buck tailing baitfish imitations to hungry silver salmon. Our guests may also have the opportunity to catch Chinook, sockeye or pink salmon on the fly while targeting Coho.

coho1This is a very exciting fishery as the angler has the rod in their hand when the fish strikes. As the hits are usually near the surface, polarized sunglasses often allow our guests to see the salmon at it follows and attacks the fly. We recommend 7-10 wt fly rods equipped with 200-400 grain sink tips. In terms of fly selection, we like klauser’s and deceivers and polar bear patterns in a variety of different colors. Anglers will also have the opportunity to do some bottom fishing if halibut, lingcod or snapper is of interest. 2 anglers per vessel is recommended for our saltwater fly fishing charters.

If you are interested in doing some saltwater fly fishing for salmon, give us a call at (1-877-694-3474) to book a charter.

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