The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we commonly hear from our friends and clients. We hope this helps you prepare for the best Vancouver Island experience you will ever have! If you have a question not answered by this page, please feel free to contact us.

Toll Free: 1-877-694-FISH (3474) or Local: 250-949-0641.

Where do I get a fishing licence?

Fishing licences are available online by visiting the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans website . Click on the hot button labelled “Getting a licence”, and follow the prompts through the process. You will need to purchase a “Recreational Salt Water Fishing licence” and a “Salmon Stamp” if you wish to fish for or retain any salmon species.

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also purchase your licence from the Quarterdeck Marina, or from the sports store in the Thunderbird mall.

How much does it cost for a fishing licence and salmon stamp?

Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence Fees (prices include all taxes) – Fees are effective January 1, 2008

Category Resident* Non-resident
Adult annual (16-64 years of age)
Senior Annual (65 years of age and over) $11.55 $106.06
Salmon Conversation Stamp $6.30 $6.30
Juvenile Annual (Under 16 years of age) FREE FREE

* A resident is a person who normally resides in Canada. Valid identification of proof of residency must be provided.

For further information, contact the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit at 604-666-0566.

Is it possible to fish for both Salmon and Halibut during a fishing charter in Port Hardy, Vancouver Island?

One of the best parts about fishing in the Port Hardy area is that we get lots of Salmon, and lots of Halibut. Often, we will catch halibut while trolling salmon. Many clients will choose to fish salmon for half the day, and jig halibut for the rest. A hardworking experienced guide can often get his clients into both Salmon and Halibut in the same 8hr day. If the weather and fish cooperate, you might end up with your limit of both.

Is the ocean always rough when you go on a fishing trip in Port Hardy British Columbia?

In terms of sea condition, mother nature gets the last say. We have seen flat, calm and poor weather in every month of the year; however, we check the weather constantly and we will not go offshore if the weather is poor. Port Hardy, British Columbia is blessed to have many Archipelago’s (groups of islands) between us and the mainland Coast. These provide sheltered places to fish if the wind is blowing, and provide opportunities to catch trophy fish and see other forms of marine life. We plan the day to take advantage of the tides and weather, and pick our spots accordingly. Your safety and comfort is our first priority.

Do people ever get “seasick” when they are on a fishing trip around Vancouver Island?

Sea sickness is a common concern for many of our clients, and It does happen! But it can be lessened or avoided by preparing yourself for the trip. Talk to your doctor before you go if you are concerned.

We have found that guests who take “Gravol – ginger” or straight ginger root in capsules well before they go do quite well. This was demonstrated by the “Myth Busters” on TV, who tried ginger as a remedy for motion sickness. Don’t drink alcohol excessively the night before, but have a good supper, breakfast, and drink lots of water. Some have done this in combination with the seasickness patch and wrist band, and this also can help. One thing to bear in mind, is that seasickness does go away after time, for some sooner than others.

What happens if I get seasick during my fishing charter around Vancouver Island?

If you know you will get seasick, let us know ahead of time, and we will plan your fishing trip for Area 12 (inside waters). We can always find a calm spot to fish!

Usually we encounter one of 3 scenario’s:

  1. The sick person decides to tough it out for the benefit of the rest, and gradually feels better as time goes on. This person is usually rewarded by the biggest fish – chum and reel, chum and reel.
  2. The group decides to fish inside waters, and the sick person gradually feels better as the day goes on. Just remember, that the guide will be taking you to the spot he feels give you the best chances of getting into fish, and will have to come up with a new plan. He may have to travel some distance to the next hot spot, and there may be more or less in terms of fish because of tide state and condition.
  3. If you get sick, and decide that you don’t want to be on the boat anymore, we will take you back to the dock, as soon as requested. Please note, that refunds will not be given for part, cancelled, or unused days due to seasickness.

How should I dress for my fishing charter on Vancouver Island?

Be prepared for hot and cold, bring sunscreen, and dress in layers.
It has been know to rain in Port Hardy from time to time, so you should be prepared in case it does. Mike likes to wear long underwear, tops and bottoms, followed by a pair of jeans, cords or quick dry pants. You should have a good sweater, and waterproof / windproof jacket and pants. If you don’t have rain gear, ask before you go, and we will get you a set! A good set of wool socks will help if your feet get wet, and if you have rubbers or waterproof boots, wear them.

How can I pay for my fishing charter?

Tides and Tales Adventure Charters accepts: Cash, Cheque, Money Order, MasterCard, Visa & Interac E- Transfer accepted.

Does Tides and Tales require a deposit to book a fishing trip?

Tides and Tales Sport fishing Adventures requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking on the total cost of your fishing trip package. Deposits can be made by cheque, money order, bank draft or Visa, or Mastercard over the phone, or E-Transfer. The remainder of your trip can be paid by Visa and/or cash upon arrival.” For clarity between FAQ 8 and 9 accepted payments.

What if my plans change, and I am unable to go on the fishing trip I have already placed a deposit on?

If you need to make changes to your vacation plans, Tides and Tales Sport Fishing Adventures will transfer the full amount of your non-refundable deposit to a new date if written notice of your cancellation is received at least 90 days before the start of your fishing trip. Refunds will not be issued for unused days or part days that were booked as part of your fishing package.

What about breakfast?

A continental breakfast is provided with your stay at the Eagle Manor Retreat.

Is lunch supplied on the fishing trip?

Lunch is only provided on full fishing packages (Charter and Accommodation). Unless specified, food is not included as part of our packages. Most clients order boxed lunches from the hotel front desk, and water and soft drinks are provided free of charge on the boats

Is dinner included with the cost of my fishing package?

Dinner is only included in our all inclusive packages at the Eagle Manor Retreat. It can also be added to Quarterdeck packages on a request only basis. Most of our guests choose to unwind and have dinner in the Quarterdeck Pub, located as part of the Quarterdeck Hotel and Marina complex. Others choose to mix it up and try one of the excellent restaurants in town. Whatever you choose, you should be able to find a taste for every pallet in Port Hardy, we even have “sushi“.

What if I want to keep some fish to eat?

Professional catch processing is now included in the cost of our packages, but is not included in single day charters. The majority of our guests who choose to retain fish, have their catch professionally cut, vacuum sealed, and blast frozen by a local processor (included in package prices only). If you choose not to take your fish to Hardy Buoys, we can fillet your catch at the dock. For more info check out http://www.hardybuoys.com, they do a great job! The process is similar at the Eagle Manor Retreat, with the exception that you help your guide clean and vacuum seal your fish, and you pay a small fee for each bag used. Coolers, gel packs, smoking, and shipping of fish is not included in our packages.

Can Hardy Buoys smoke the salmon that I catch?

Absolutely, and they do a wonderful job. Check out their website for the many flavours available. The cost of smoking is not included in our package price’s.

How do I get my fish home?

Most clients who drive up bring their own coolers, or purchase styrofoam coolers and frozen gel packs from Hardy buoys or the Eagle Manor Retreat. Fish will stay frozen in these coolers for up to a week, depending on outside temp, and if the cooler is opened or not. Many clients have even sent them on the Greyhound Bus!

Guests who fly in for their fishing trip can also take their fish with them on the airplane when they go. Hardy Buoys can package your catch in an airline approved styrofoam cooler with a protective waxed cardboard outer. They even try to keep the weight of each cooler under 50 lbs, so that you don’t pay more airline fees than you need to!! The cost of coolers and frozen gel packs is not included in our charter and package prices for both the Quarterdeck and Eagle Manor.

If traveling home with your fish is not convenient, Hardy Buoys can help with your shipping arrangements, even across the US border. This service is not available when fishing from the Eagle Manor Retreat. Don’t hesitate to call ahead and discuss your plans with us.